Linear Screw and Nut Optical Sorting Machine

Screw & Nut Optical Sorting Machine


First Global Creative 2-in-1 Multiple Sorting Machine
No changing the wheel disk and mold
Sort screws, nuts, weld screws and blind nuts
Linear sorting never damages the screw threads



Linear Sorting Never Damages the Screw Threads
The new machine will not damage the screw threads easily like other machines on the market. It adjusts easily and feeds smoothly. It also offers interchangeable molds to fit different size screws and nuts. It gives you complete versatility, and the price is reasonable.


Smart Software and Easy Operation
The company still uses the excellent functions from the nut sorting machines on this machine. It also provides 24 different kinds of inspections. The user sets up the contents easily and each screw also has its own data. Applied with the touch screen, the user operates it easily and quickly.


Creative Assorting System
It uses the theory of production to expel the defects to run this machine. When air pressure system or control system has no function, productions and defects all drop into the defect area. The machine is designed delicately, and the best of all, the machine works without maintenance.


Change Screw Size Without Changing Mold
The user adjusts the hand wheel in 5 seconds ( It is not include the time to adjust the vibrator), and then select the sorted screw in the computer. It only takes 3 minutes to set it up. ( This time is based on the screw data which is already set up.)


The Solution for Screws (Weld Screws) Which Can’t Suspend
It provides 2 feeding ways. Besides, it enhances the screw sorting range. This machine even sorts the weld screw which the general wheel sorting machine can’t do.

screw suspend way

weld screw upside down way


First Global Creative Screw and Nut Interchangeable Machine


Screw Sorting Feature length 2. inside-diameter, outside-diameter 3. bottom shape angle
4. bevel thread 5. head width 6. head height
7. head burr 8. mark 9.  pinhole OK
10. pinhole NG 11. pinhole alignment  

Nut Sorting Feature

SS-90 thickness SS-90 welded-spot height SS-90 thread

Blind Nut Sorting Feature

width height thread

Optional Equipment

Packing and Counting Machine


                                    Soundproofed Cover for Vibrator